Address the "No, But" Syndrome for Productive Discussions

"When contributing to a discussion, if participants make a effort to let go of their natural historical perspective on an issue, and receive the other persons statements without resistance, then the resultant productivity of that discussion shoots up by an order of magnitude. So, if you observe yourself uttering 'No, But ...' when in discussions, then you can make conscious efforts to make that positive change."
- Ajay Phatak, CEO, Jopasana Software

My take:
This simple process of self-aware listening is difficult to practice (I was not even aware of it before I heard this), but I can feel that if I can achieve that state, it would take away all the pain that the internal resistance causes. Thank you sir !


At 2:27 PM, Blogger Navneet Karnani said...

Leaving behind the history when listening to others is good, but you need to rely on your experience to achieve the quantum jump. If you learn from the history of the other person and create a hybrid opinion, that will work wonders.


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